Festa del cross gubbio 2017

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Cross: Chiappinelli e Merlo campioni italiani

festa del cross gubbio 2017

Festa del Cross - Gubbio 2016 - CADETTE KM 2


One of the biggest selling points to visiting Umbria in spring is the plethora of wonderful traditional local festivals, during which the region awakens from its long winter hibernation and welcomes spring with open arms. Easter is not about a bunny in Umbria; it remains a solemn and deeply religious holiday which begins the week before Easter Sunday. One of the most moving is in Assisi, where the statue of Jesus is taken down from the cross inside the Cathedral of San Rufino and transported on a canopied litter to the Basilica of Saint Francis and back. On Pasqua Easter Sunday , most Umbrian families attend Mass and enjoy a long leisurely lunch together. After lunch, both children and adults unwrap the brightly colored mylar paper around their huge chocolate eggs , breaking them open to reveal the sorpresina prize inside. Pasquetta Easter Monday is usually spent with friends, often day-tripping to another town for a passeggiata or walk down the Corso.

Due "prime volte": la Festa del Cross di Gubbio consegna i titoli italiani , tempo che gli vale anche il titolo tra le promesse, bis del
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The Master of the Gubbio Cross was the name given to an Umbrian painter active between about and about He appears to have been familiar with the artists working at the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi , and some of his work bears a resemblance to that of Giunta Pisano. Umbria Umbria is a region of central Italy. Umbria is known for its landscapes, history, culinary delights, artistic legacy, influence on culture; the region is characterized by hills, mountains and historical towns such as the university centre of Perugia, Assisi , a World Heritage Site associated with St. Valentine , the hometown of St. Ubaldo, Orvieto , Castiglione del Lago , Narni and other small cities.

It is infact the day of the "Festa dei Ceri" , one of the most exciting event of Umbria and probably of Italy. All the city of Gubbio will participate to this feast, young and old will be gathered in the main square, and they will dress the colours of their "ceraioli": yellow for the Saint Ubaldo's candle, blue for Saint Giorgio's candle and black for Saint Antonio's candle. The streets of the city will be also full of flags and banners with the symbols of the saints. The origins of this feast are rooted in the centuries and are subject of many historical researches. Some scholars trace it back to pagan ceremonies in honor of the goddess Ceres.

Festa dei Ceri and Corsa dei Ceri

Una conferma e una prima volta nei Campionati italiani di maratona a Verona. Nasef che dopo Verbania si aggiudica il titolo a Verona pochi mesi fa alla Festa del Cross di Gubbio) e su pista (all'aperto e.
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