San bernardo di ivrea

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The Village of San Bernardo d'Ivrea

san bernardo di ivrea

Ivrea is a town and comune of the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Piedmont region of Citta di Ivrea. Panorama Frazioni, San Bernardo D'Ivrea, Torre Balfredo, Canton Stimozzo, Gillio, La Rossa, Meina, Moretti, Parise, Regione Campasso.

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Situated on the road leading to the Aosta Valley part of the medieval Via Francigena , it straddles the Dora Baltea and is regarded as the centre of the Canavese area. Ivrea lies in a basin that in prehistoric times formed a large lake. Ivrea and its surroundings have been inhabited since the Neolithic era; the Celts are believed to have had a village in Ivrea from around the 5th century BC. However, the town first officially appears in history as an outpost of the Roman Empire founded in BC, probably built to guard one of the traditional invasion routes into northern Italy over the Alps. Its Latin name was Eporedia. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire , Ivrea became the seat of a duchy under the Lombards 6th-8th centuries.

San Gaudenzio, Ivrea

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Pharmacies Data about the village of San Bernardo d'Ivrea. The village of San Bernardo d'Ivrea belongs to the municipality of Ivrea , in the province of Torino , region Piemonte. The village of San Bernardo d'Ivrea is 2,39 kilometers far from the same town of Ivrea to whom it belongs. The number in parentheses following each village name indicate the distance between the same village and the municipality of Ivrea. Please notice that in what follows no statistic nor population data are available at the moment: the same are available for the Italian places having al least the status of municipalities ad for most of the villages too. Please find in what follows: The banks in San Bernardo d'Ivrea , when available.

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