Big mouth and ugly girl plot

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Big Mouth Ugly Girl Summary Essay

big mouth and ugly girl plot

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High school junior Matt Donaghy is considered an okay guy. He gets good grades, writes for the school paper, is in the Drama Club, and is known for his witty, if immature, humor. Students and teachers seem to like him. But one day he says something that makes a few classmates think he's out to bomb the school. The school principal is notified, the police are called in, and rumors are abuzz.

Matt was clueless on what had even happened. It transitions from Matt almost breaking down and crying at the police station to Ursula Riggs, or as she calls herself "Ugly Girl", playing in a basketball game; Rocky River High School versus their rival Tarrytown's girls basketball team. Ursula, being the star player, for Rocky River, was extremely upset when " she lost the game", and wouldn't even come out of the showers until she heard about the supposed "bomb threat" about Matt Donaghy. Matt was kicked out of school for the "bomb threat" he had committed in lunch. What actually happened was Matt was joking around with his friends on what he would do if he didn't get his play published at the school, during lunch and he said in a joking manner "what am i going to do shoot everyone or blow up the school" he said this while making a gun gesture and hopping around, to make his friends laugh. But was misunderstood by some girls walking by who reported it to the principal, Mr. Later, Matt and Ursula start contacting each other through e-mail about the bomb threat and how to get through this situation, and start to develop a friendship.

When Matt is accused of plotting to blow up the school by two anonymous students, his whole life is thrown into turmoil, and he suffers its continuous effects for months to come. F ollowing the accusation and the media blitz that descends upon the school, Ursula Riggs a self-confident, determined, and abrupt individual comes forward as the only person to defend the fairly popular Matt. Though she has exchanged only half a dozen words with him in her life, Ursula speaks up because she knows it is the right thing to do. Despite being freed of charges, Matt feels their ramifications for months to come. He has become ostracized from his friends and social circle, constantly looked upon with uncertainty. After Ursula associates with Matt, their friendship sparks more controversy within the school.

All of a sudden a man in a business suit comes up to her and starts to yell at her telling her she is ugly, will never be good enough, she is stupid, she will never get anywhere in her life. Although the woman hears him she steadily continues walking because she has to be a mother to her children, she has to a be shoulder for her husband to lean on and. They live in Malaysia. Guy moved there right after his schooling and has lived there for years. He left once and he came back with his white wife, Doris. The story is not written in the first person, it is a narrator who tells you the story.

Oates weaves controlled, elegant writing with her storytelling magic in a sweet story that includes a bit of Kafka, a little David and Lisa , and even some Nicholas Sparks. Only one person, Ursula, stands by him. This is a fabulous story with interesting characters and a plot that will ring true right up until the satisfying end. Therefore, to me, "young adult" fiction is written in a spirit of more optimism about the ability to change, to behave in ways strategic for survival and success; I saw such behavior in a number of my contemporaries and, I suppose, to some degree in myself. Fiction for adults is likely to be more charged with irony, skepticism, and a tragic sense of life and history.

Book Review: Big Mouth And Ugly Girl by Joyce Carol Oates

Watch two high school outcasts find true friendship in the face of adversity and redefine bravery.,


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Big Mouth and Ugly Girl



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