Honor 7x vs 8

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honor 7x vs 8

Honor 7X vs Honor 8 Pro: The greatest Honor?


Which do you buy? The upcoming GPU Turbo update will likely make gaming performance even better. Charging speed is much the same on both phones sadly, with outdated MicroUSB ports on both. So it means a lot when we say the Honor 8X has definitely managed to top the 7X. Thanks to the fragility of glass, you can expect the Honor 8X to be more breakable than the metal-bodied Honor 7X. Neither phone has any water-resistance, so keep a tight grip around water.

That is no longer the case. While Apple and Samsung have pushed the high end price and technology, Chinese manufacturers have significantly improved the mid to low end of the smartphone market and even regularly update these phones. I definitely recommend it for a first phone or for someone who drops their phones a lot and wants a low consequence device. The US model is L There are two other variants with more RAM and internal storage and with different operating frequencies. It also supports the older microUSB connector for charging.

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Compare Honor 7X vs Honor 8X

The Honor 7X gives you the luxury of owning a smartphone with exciting features at a much cheaper price than others. It runs the Android v7. The good camera setup results in decent quality in broad daylight but the low-light images may be worrisome. It also comes with a huge expandable storage capacity makes it a great package for entertainment. Honor 7X price in India starts from Rs. The lowest price of Honor 7X is Rs. While the last two also offer dual cameras, they have the added benefit of a stock Android interface with a promise of timely updates.

The Honor 7X condenses the full-screen experience down to an affordable package, making for one of the best-value phones of the year. The Honor 7X is one of the most underrated phones out there. It packs a fairly speedy processor, a roomy 5. Yes, the newer Moto G7 packs more power. But, overall, the Honor 7x is a very good bargain. There's only one model for U. Amazon sells the Honor 7x now.

Comparing Huawei Honor 7X vs Huawei Honor 8 on Smartprix, enables you to check their respective specs scores and unique features. It would potentially help you understand how Huawei Honor 7X stands against Huawei Honor 8 and which one should you buy. The details of both of these products were last updated on Aug 28, Reading, browsing internet and watching movies is more pleasing experience on a bigger screen. NFC enables wireless payments through your device. You can also connect two NFC enabled devices just by touching them with each other.

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Honor 7X first impressions: A premium minimal bezel phone priced a fifth of the Apple iPhone X

What are the differences between these two models? It is obvious that the pricing for the two products has a big gap. What is the reason behind? In this article, we will compare the two mobile phones in details. News Blog Events.

We're comparing the specs of the Honor 8X and Honor 7X side-by-side to find out what significant upgrades have been made. Honor likes to be known for pushing the boundaries of smartphone innovation so when they release a new device, it's always exciting to see what new features they've brought to the table. It's still a dual lens and the second lens has 2MP as the Honor 7X did but the smartphone is now AI enabled to help users take better photos with ease. AI is used to recognise over scenarios in 22 categories so the best settings for the scene in front of you are selected before you hit the shutter button. The AI can also help produce better night shots and brighten faces when backlit see our hands-on for more details.



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