Ways to say masturbate

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ways to say masturbate

Male Masturbation Slang Terms

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Let's face it: "masturbation" is not a pretty word. It sounds clunky and clinical, neither of which are attributes that should be associated with self-pleasure. Unfortunately, many of the other words for masturbation are just as bad. There are dozens of ridiculous slang words to describe this act, ranging from very vague to extremely vulgar. Wondering why no one has tried to fix this problem? Well, Sweden has. Turns out there is no Swedish term for female masturbation.

This post is part of Mashable's Masturbation Week. May is National Masturbation Month, so we're celebrating by exploring the many facets of self-love. First, have you considered just saying "masturbation? But if you really can't do it or if you're some kind of slang aficionado you'll be thrilled to know that there are dozens of unusual euphemisms for masturbation at your disposal. We've compiled a selection of 50 for you here, all from the deep tunnels of our blessed internet. Some of these images are specific to female masturbation, and some are specific to male masturbation. We need more terms that aren't just for men , to be honest.

May 24, Please check off all the euphemisms for male masturbation that you recognize. Spanking the monkey. Spanking the monkey. Five finger shuffle.
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Top definition. Act people commit when browsing Urban Dictionary. All these definitions make me want to masturbate. Masturbate unknown. The act of pleasuring oneself sexually. It happens most in males who are unable to quell their sexual desire at any given time.

This week, the Swedish Association for Sexuality announced the winner of a contest it began in November of , wherein it sought to select a word that would accurately describe female masturbation. The winner? Drumroll, please Also, using glitter during masturbation sounds messy and more than a little dangerous. Here are 35 words that much more accurately and pleasantly describe those times when you go dancing with yourself. At the end of the day, all you wanna do is ride off into the sunset.

When it comes to masturbation speak, guys pretty much own the rights to the saying " jack off ," which makes me totally jealous because it is pretty much the perfect way to describe the act -- just the right amount of edgy boldness and not too insanely dirty. Of course, it's also very male. It's totally a guy's phrase. Women's masturbation lingo really needs a makeover. We need our own woman-centric phrase for "jacking off. And way more rad.

How Many Of These Euphemisms For Male Masturbation Have You Heard?

86 Ways For Guys To Say Masturbate

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