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How to get higher rarity equipment(FASTEST METHOD)

heroes of incredible tales guide

Recommendations, guides and links to useful resources for players of HIT, Heroes of Incredible Tails, Nexon's F2P Action RPG for mobile set in.

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This time, I have created a simple method to getting higher rarity equipment by getting rare equipment fast. Or if you have lots of jewels, just promote. But this costs a bit more, so be careful with your money. Hope this helps! Please give me kudos if you find this useful! Well now I have full immortal gear, and after a lot of playing, I have found out more information.

When you first start out in HIT its easy enough to level your character to 30 and complete the story missions. This will net you around 3k Feathers and 3k Gems for free from achievements. Also during this time you will most likely be participating in some type of event so you will more than likely end up with k Gems or Feathers per each free toon. You can then drop another gems to create additional feeder toons to rake in another k Feathers and Gems for the achievements getting to level Some players will get lucky and may not ever need to upgrade their legendary items to immortal that was my case but some may need too. This is RNG after all.

Heroes of Incredible Tales was nice enough to include not only a Auto battle button but an Auto Skill modifier. So to minimize effort, you can use auto battle to allow the AI to control your characters movement while you enjoy the freedom of using your skills and abilities at will. Going beyond that you have the Auto Skill modifier which you turn on at the start of a stage, and it stays on until you turn it off. The difference with Auto Skill is it will cost you gold to keep it on, and steadily increases as you clear stages. In most cases I have found that you gain more gold than it cost to use Auto skill! You may have overlooked this while going through Heroes of incredible tales stages but just above certain stages the game identifies spots that have specific rewards.

NEXON's latest title called HIT - Heroes of Incredible Tales is now out of HIT Heroes of Incredible Tales tips and tricks, where we guide you.
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All of us recognize that right here is the most primary selection to make in-game particularly you may want to pick out a point of not gaining much decisively every single character. In this game, players are offered to figure out on much guidance in the starting point: Anika, Kiki, Lucas, and Hugo. Your next character is a ranger. However, it has already been released inside South Korea. No treatment category is available inside this game which matters only about each category highlights their own crime and defense abilities. Then that is exactly the reason why I am the follower to supply you with Heroes of Incredible Tales equipment guide below. The newest hero who is able to be played comes to Heroes of Incredible Tales for the very first time with all the class character of the Archer Lena Trupp.

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Get this guide started! Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game.

This guide for Heroes of Incredible Tales takes you over the classes, maps and includes tips and tricks to get you started. There are currently 4 character classes available in Heroes of Incredible Tales. The 4 character choices are Lucas, Kiki, Anika and Hugo. Each class will have up to six unique class skills, which can be unlocked when the character reaches level 1, level 10, level 20, level 30, level 40 and level But there are only three skills a player will be able to use on the battle stages. However you will have combo attributes you can enhance, as well as passive attributes to further strength your character.

Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) Guide [Tips and Tricks]

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