Padenghe mezza maratona 2017

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padenghe mezza maratona 2017

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Padenghe and its medieval castle overlooking the southwest coast of Lake Garda, is located about half-way between Brescia and Verona, and between Venice and Milan, and it is ideal as a home-base for touristic excursions. This 20k trail run features a course on the hills and along the hectar vineyards where the Moscato di Scanzo Docg is produced, on an up-and-down road smelling of ripe grapes. This is an exclusive wine one of the few to get its own Italian commemorative postal stamp as it is the only moscato made from red grapes, originating from a vine introduced by the Greeks around the year bC. The Stralivigno offers a great opportunity to visit this Summer wonderland. It is an international 21k event, also for 2-people teams, winding through the local valley. The entry fee is 35 euro. It is an international event on the mountain surrounding the former capital of the Stoni, a pre-Roman population that inhabited this area in the centuries before Christ.

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